Spreading knowledge is a form of showing gratitude to Allah.

An answer can help a marriage, save a life, purify a business …

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Answering the Ummah

For 25 years, IslamQA has been serving people by providing scholarly, in-depth, researched answers to their questions on a wide range of issues.

IslamQA’s Current Impact

  • calender25 years
  • Countries200+ Countries
  • Languages16 Language
  • Questions10k answers yearly


IslamQA Changing Lives

Positive stories from around the world

I have gained so much guidance from this site, I have got so many answers to the questions I could not ask others, I write while my eyes are wet after reading a strong and emotional answer, I just wanted to say that, please don’t stop this effort in the cause for ALLAH, may the whole team be successful in this world and the hereafter.

2020-11-21 Brother from Pakistan

Help us serve the Ummah

The Muslim Ummah needs Islamic guidance more than ever before. Muslims face new challenges daily and need to navigate their way with the knowledge of Islam.

We have 1000’s of people wanting to ask questions yet we are only able to cater to the needs of a small percentage of them due to our limited capacity.

To ensure that IslamQA can support the needs of the Ummah, with relevant and detailed knowledge about every subject going forward, we need your help.

How your contribution helps

Your contribution will enable us to expand our capacity and extend our project in meaningful ways to cater to the growing needs of the Muslim community in-sha-Allah.

  • Answer more questions
  • Enhancing Question & Answer Research
  • Expanding our Translation Services
  • Extending our content into other areas
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • Technical Infrastructure & Hosting Services
  • Design & Development for our site & mobile app
  • Ongoing Tech & User Experience Research
  • Help cover expenses of future projects

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